Capture Laptop Screen

Have a little general knowledge of how to capture video on laptop is pretty essential to any of us. With the popularity of technology, most of our work is often done based on laptop.

Capturing laptop video to make demo video  has become quite a popular way to promote your company website. For example, we always need to create “How to” videos to illustrate how to use company’s software products.

Programs to capture video from laptop

  • 1. Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder is a free screen recording program that can be capture everything displayed on your laptop, even including mouse cursor movement, clicking buttons and typing etc. And output the final file to AVI video file.

Before recording, you can click “Options” button to customize general settings, while these settings will not be saved, you need to set them every time you use the program. This is inconvenient for people to capture laptop screen.

However, the final video quality is not so good. If you improve the quality, the video size will become larger. And the video can just be AVI format, no conversion function. The only function of Free Screen Recorder is to record video.

  • 2. Freez Screen Video Capture

Freez Screen Video Capture is also a free screen capture program to record onscreen activities and sound into standard AVI format video file. You can choose the recording region, final file’s video quality, frame rate; you can set sound recording format. You can also define hotkey to record/ pause, stop/cancel.

The same as Free Screen Recorder, Freez Screen Video Capture is also can have function to edit video, just can save the video to AVI format. While it has built in media player, after recording, it will play the video automatically and without another player.

  • 3. Screen Recording Suite

Compare to the above mentioned recording programs, the Screen Recording Suite works a little better to capture laptop screen.
The above two programs need users to set the video quality value every time they used, which is complicated to use, and the video quality is not good enough if you didn’t set the video quality value accurately. The Screen Recording Suite promised to record video of high quality while small in size.

What’s more, the program has built in video editor, which enable you to crop and trim the unsatisfied parts of the recorded video. Besides AVI format, it can convert the video to many other video formats.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

The previous two programs can just use to capture video on screen and save to video file, while Screen Recording Suite can also support to record screenshots  on laptop, and save the screenshots to standard image format file.

All in all, if you want to make professional video for official use, you should choose the Screen Recording Suite to help you capture video from laptop; if you just record video for fun, you can choose one of the three to capture video.

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