Capture Pictures from Video

I think most of you encounter this situation: When you were watching movie or some videos, and find some scene is really fantastic and gorgeous, so you want to capture pictures from video and take them as your private collection, but don’t know how to do it.

As we all known that the picture is a part of a video, you just can see it in the video and can’t find in any picture websites. Thus, there are so many people want to capture pictures from video.

If you also have the same experience, why not use some screen recorder to help you capture a picture from video. Screen Recording Suite can help you record whatever displayed on your computer screen as an image file, and it also help you save the picture to standard JPEG format with high quality while small in size.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Tutorial guide of how to capture picture from video by the Screen Recording Suite

You should first download the Screen Recording Suite on your computer, and install it. After installation, you should launch the program to make general settings, this step includes two aspects:

1. Set target folder. You should click “Options” button, and press “Video file” tab, then you can choose a folder as your output folder. And you can make other parameter in this interface.

2. Set recording mode. You can just drag you mouse to select recording field by manually, or you can choose “Quick Start” to record in shortcut. You should click “Screenshot”, and there are three options for you to choose from, you can select the suitable way of capturing picture from video.

After the above settings, when you see the picture you want in video, you can click “Start”, and the program will help you capture a picture from video automatically, and it just cost 1 second. If you want to get the scene exactly you want, you can stop the video first, and click “Start”.

Next, you can click “Folder” to view the picture you like. When you finish capturing picture from video, you can close the program.

Alternative way to capture pictures from video

You can also capture a picture from video without using the program. You can just click “Print Screen” or press “Alter” and “Print Screen” on your keyboard, and click “All programs”→ “Accessories” → “Paint”, and then press “Ctrl + V”, and the picture you want is on your drawing board, and you can save it.

This way is also can help you capture a picture from video, but you can notice that the step is a little complicated, which will cost people much time. And the quality of the picture is not so good.

Other highlights of Screen Recording Suite

Screen Recording Suite is not just can help you capture pictures from video, it also can help you capture whatever on your screen with high quality, and help you save it as standard WMV video format file. It support to record internet streaming video, and support to record with your webcam, so you can record Google chat video when you were making video calls on GTalk.

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