Capture Skype Video

Skype is a computer program that allows people to make text and video calls from one PC to another PC user. And throngs of individuals and businesses use Skype to make video call. Sometimes it’s really important to record the proceedings of a meeting or conference call.

While Skype lacks the ability to capture Skype video call, so we need a third-party product which can compatible with Skype and let us capture Skype video with decent quality. However, there are so many kinds of this similar product that makes us confused about which is the best one.

Then what you need is a professional Skype video recorder. Compare with other similar products, Screen Recording Suite is the right program to capture video from Skype. It can record all on-screen activities with high quality.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Guidelines of how to capture Skype video with Screen Recording Suite

Once you finish downloading the Screen Recording Suite from its official website, installing and launching the program immediately.

Before saving Skype video, make some general setting first. Click “Option” and press “Video file” tab to select the output folder. You can also make other settings in the “Option” interface accordingly.

When everything is ready for capturing Skype video, you can capture video on Skype by either manual mode or click “Quick Start”, and click “Start” button, and then the program will begin to work.

When you Skype video call finishes, click “Stop” button, then the process of saving Skype video stops immediately as well.
If you want to view the recordings right now, just open the output folder. Click “Folder” to view it in quick way.

Tips: you can start and stop capturing Skype video with hotkeys. With default, F6=start recording, F7=stop recording.

After viewing, you can notice that the final file is save as standard Windows Media Video format which is small in size while with great quality.

Outstanding features of Screen Recording Suite to capture video from Skype

-recording Skype video with high quality

This program is especially designed for people to take video from desktop, and it also works well with webcam, so you can get the Skype video the same as the original video.

-capturing Skype video in a long time period

Unlike other screen recorder just can record in a short time, the Screen Recording Suite has the ability to record in a long time. Therefore, you can capture video on Skype without time limitation.

-supporting to record external voice

The program can not only help you record the audio from speaker, but also enable you to capture web camera video, so that you can capture Skype video completely and smoothly.

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