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Creating training video is becoming a common phenomenon nowadays, because it can achieve a win-win situation between the two parties. For business entity, they can instruct their stuff about company workflow, new services and products. For individual, they can be better understood of how to do something from basic points to intensive features.

Compare with learn something simply by reading manuals, training video works far more than it. Training videos combine our visual sense and auditory sense together, so that we can learn more effectively and efficiently. Both company and stuff can reap benefits from the training video.

At this point, how to create a training video is the problem that we face urgently. To some of us, many people may not know use what or how to create training video.

Screen Recording Suite  is the right program to create training videos. It has the function to record whatever actions on computer screen.

As the common recording program, it can help you record video of screen with high quality. What makes it different is that it can help save the recording to standard video format file after recorded, so that they can be uploaded to company websites for people to use. Creating training video with Screen Recording Suite is a wise decision.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

User guide of how to create a training video by using the Screen Recording Suite

Step 1: download and install the Screen Recording Suite on computer.

Step 2: make preparations of the info and material for the training video.

Step 3: everything is ready, launch the program and make some general settings (refer to make tutorial video  for detailed settings info).

Step 4: click “Start” button and select recording area, display what you want to show in the training video. When finished, just click “Stop” button to end Creating training video.

After recorded, click “Folder” to view the video you created. The program can help you save the recording to WMV video format file automatically, so you can upload it to video sharing websites.

Key points of how to make the training video successful:

1. Keep the video to the point and easy to understand.

2. Keep the video no longer than ten minus, if necessary, segment the video.

3. Make sure the training straightforward. You can close-up some important point, so that the audience can see clearly.

4. Make sure the video is of high quality, with the video of no fuzzy, layering, distortion.

Training videos is easier for customers to understand, and it also bring convenience to company. If you want to dig out more potential customers to popularize your program, just join us to create training video with the Screen Recording Suite.

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