How to Record Facebook chat

Facebook’s new updated feature, video calling, makes it more popular among other social networking services. Different from text and email messages, which will leave a log on Fackbook and you can recover to refer it at later time. Video callings are instant streaming videos that can’t be filed on Facebook.

According to the network survey, among all the Facebook users in the world, the majority of them want to keep and save the Facebook chat conversations, while the Facebook do not has such function. Even so, we can use third-party program to help us record Facebook video chats.

There are some program existing on market can help record Facebook chat conversations with ease. Screen recording program can capture live streaming video and audio on screen with high quality.

Before we start to record Facebook chats, we should set up Facebook video chat first.

Tutorial steps of how to activate “Video Calling” feature

Step 1: You should log in your Facebook account, and go to the activation website, and click “Get Started” button.

Step 2: click on set up, then it will automatically download a plug in. After downloading, you need to click “Run the downloaded file”, and it will install the “Video calling” plug-in.

Step 3: after installation, you can make video chats with your friends on Facebook. Obviously, your friends also need to activate the feature first. If you accepted the video call request, a video conversation window pops up on computer screen.

When you are ready to record Facebook chat conversations, you can use this powerful screen recording program.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

User guideline of how to record Facebook chat by Screen Recording Suite

1. Download the Facebook chat recorder on your computer, and install it.
2. Customize general settings for recording Facebook chat in “Options”.

3. Click “Start” and drag your mouse to select the video chat window to record.
4. Click “Stop” when you want to finish recording.

Why choose Screen Recording Suite to record Facebook video chats

Reason 1: It can record Facebook chat in multiple ways.

The Screen Recording Suite provides several recording modes for users to record Facebook chat conversations. “Custom Area” requires you to choose recording area on screen; “Around Mouse” can record video within certain region around mouse, you can customize the region in “Options”→ “MISC”; “Select Window” needs you to select the video chat window to record.

Reason 2: record and output video with high quality.

This technical screen recording program can record any screen activities with high quality. Built in video editor can crop and trim the defective parts to make the video smooth. Its video convertor can transfer the video among a number of popular video formats while remain the original video quality.

With this screen recorder, you can record Facebook video chats with your friends at anytime.

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