Make Tutorial Video

If there are always some guys ask you how to use some software or other kind of things, what’s your reaction? At first, you would like to instruct them, but after several times, you must be tired of illustrating the same matter time after time.

At this moment, making tutorial videos of how to do something can help you a lot. You can record the detailed steps to make a video and show it to those who need help.

Thus, how to make a tutorial video seems very helpful to those who want to make video. This passage will focus on it. If you want to make tutorial video, follow up.

First of all, choose the right program is pretty important to make tutorial videos. Screen Recording Suite  can help you capture whatever on your computer screen to standard video format file. It’s wise to use it to help you record video of screen.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Precise steps of how to make tutorial video

Step 1: download the program and install it.

Step 2: launch the program, then it will pop up a message box to ask you to make settings. Click “Option” →“video file” to choose the target folder to store the recordings.

Step 3: record video. There are two ways for you to make tutorial video.

First, just click “Start” and drag your mouse to select the recording area, then the action you made within the area can be recorded.

Second, click “Quick Start” to select recording mode, such as “Full screen”, “Custom Area” etc and click “Start”, and it will record your movement according to your choice.


During recording, if you want to make commentaries with microphone, you must click “Option”→ “Video file”→ “Enable Audio” to choose “Microphone”.

Tip: click hotkey “F6” can help record in a quick way (If you don’t make change about the hotkey).

Step 4: after you made instructions on computer, you can end making tutorial videos by clicking “Stop” or press hotkey “F7”.
Then you can click “Folder” button to check what your demo on computer screen. And the recordings is saved as standard WMV video format file automatically.

In-depth knowledge of Screen Recording Suite

Screen Recording Suite is not just a screen recorder, which can help you make tutorial video. It’s also a powerful downloader, which is applied to any websites, helping you capture live streaming video and record yoga online videos on your screen with ease. What’s more, it also can help you capture pictures from video  when you were watching, and help you save it to many image formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc.

In one word, with the Screen Recording Suite, you can get whatever you want from computer screen with high quality. It’s really a good helper for making tutorial videos.

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