Make Videos for YouTube

YouTube, which makes Justin Bieber famous overnight, is one of the best market to promote yourself. Based on Justin’s success, many people also swarm into there to upload their own videos to YouTube.

The purpose or the motivation of you upload videos to YouTube is not import, what you upload is the matter. Only good video can be popular. Quality is the number one concern to a good quality.

If you want to make videos for YouTube, you must pay attention to it and choose the right program to record video. Then why not use Screen Recording Suite?

Screen Recording Suite is the best program to make videos for YouTube. It can record video from computer screen.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Key features of Screen Recording Suite

Record with decent video

The Screen Recording Suite can record whatever is displaying on computer screen with decent quality, what you record is exactly the same as what played on screen. It’s the suitable tool to make videos for YouTube.

Record with long time

The program can help record video in a long time period; it can keep on recording until you stop it.

Record with multiple modes

The Screen Recording Suite provides two recording mode to users: manual and quick start. These two methods make you convenient to make videos for YouTube.

In manual mode, you just need to click “Start”, and drag the mouse to select the recording area, then it will begin to record.

In quick start, you just need to click the quick start tab, such as “Full Screen”, “Custom Area”, “Around Mouse” etc. and click “Start”, it will also begin to record.

Convert video format 

After recording, the program can help save the final file to standard video format file. And the program has built in video editor, which can trim and crop video to make it better, it also can help you convert the recorded video to many formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP etc. You can upload it to YouTube directly without any other convertor.

This program it’s easy to use, if you have problem of how to make videos for YouTube, you can refer to create training video and make tutorial video for info.

Recording video is the first stage of making a video for YouTube. After record, you need to upload the video to YouTube, which might seem a little difficult if you have never done it before. Actually, it’s very easy.

If you have YouTube account, just sign in and click “Upload Videos”, then it will pop up a message box to let you select a file from hard drive, and you need to fill in the blank accordingly about the video. Last, click “Upload”, and your video will on YouTube.

Notes about making a video for YouTube

1. The video must be about 10 minus, or YouTube will cut the extraordinary parts randomly.

2. Make sure the video size is no larger than 100MB, or it will take a long time to upload. If the video is larger than that limit, you can set the FPS value down to compress the video.

3. Add some sound effect to make the video more appealing.

In order to make your YouTube popular, you can also post it on blogs, social networking sites, message boards, and other video sharing websites.

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