Record Internet Streaming Video

Most people encounter the situation: when we seek out some wonderful videos on internet and really want it, but don’t know how to download it, do you guys feel frustrated?

This is a common phenomenon, because most streaming video cannot be downloaded easily by some toolkit or downloader. Even if it can be downloaded, we couldn’t figure out what downloader can download the video either in a short time. Then why not use some recording program, which is applicable to any websites, to help you record internet streaming video.

However, there are so many recording programs on website, people are confused about which one should they choose to record streaming video from internet. Screen Recording Suite is an amazing screen recorder, which can help user record internet streaming video with ease.

Highlights of Screen Recording Suite

1. It can help you record whatever display on your computer screen with high quality inerrably.

2. The program will keep on recording streaming live video off internet until you stop it, so you can record long videos.

3. After you recorded, the screen recorder can save the video as standard WMV video format files that are small in size.

4. You can add captions on the recorded video when you want to make commentaries to illustrate something related.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

General procedures of how to record streaming videos on internet with Screen Recording Suite

First go to the official website of Screen Recording Suite, download the program from the site and install it on your computer.

Launch the program and make some settings. Click “Option” to select the destination file to store the recorded files. When you achieve record the video, the recorded file will appear in the folder you select.

When you find the stream video you want, just click “Start” and drag your mouse to select the recording region, then the program will begin to record streaming video from internet.

When the stream video is over, click “Stop” button, then it will stop recording streaming live video off internet.

While this all finished, you can “Folder” to open the folder you select, and to review the recorded video. Then you can enjoy the video on your computer or your portable equipment offline.

You see, just is several steps you can get the streaming video you want. Therefore, if you are still frustrating about how to record streaming videos on internet, just use the program to assist you.

Screen Recording Suite can not only just help you record video from computer screen, you can also use it to help you record MSN video and capture web camera video through webcam.

With the Screen Recording Suite, you can enjoy the internet streaming video off internet.

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