Record Laptop Video

When searching in Google how to do something, it’s common that you will get hundreds of how-to tutorial videos about websites training videos or software presentation. If you don’t want to out of date, it’s necessary for you to grasp some knowledge of how to record video on laptop.

Why people want to record laptop screen?

People do something have their own reason. As for recording video from laptop, the reasons are confined to three aspects:

First: For business. We can see lots of company to make presentation of how to use some app or software to enable people understand better, so that they can appeal more customers.

Second: For work. Many teachers record laptop video to teach in a vivid way, so that the student may interest in it.

Third: For entertainment. Many game lovers want to record video games to share their playing experience with others.

The tools to help you record laptop screen

1. Laptop

If you want to record laptop video, of course you need a laptop. And you should ensure that the CPU performance of the laptop is well enough.

2. Microphone

When recording video from laptop, it’s necessary for you to make some explanation of the steps or something hard to understand. Then you need a microphone to make commentary about the tutorial video.

3. Screen recorder

This is the most indispensible one of the process to record laptop screen. Screen Recording Suite is one of the best screen recorder to help you record laptop screen. It can help capture whatever behavior you made on laptop, and help you save the recorded file.

Generally speaking, it’s also need a video editor program to crop and trim the recorded video. But the Screen Recording Suite has the built in video editor, which can help edit and convert the video. Therefore, there is no need to have another one.

These are all things we need to record laptop video.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Next, in this tutorial, I will take you through the step by step process on how to record video on laptop with Screen Recording Suite.

Step 1: download the program on your laptop, install and launch it.

Step 2: go to “Options” → “Video file” to select output folder, and select “Microphone” as audio input.

Step 3: click “Start” button, and drag your mouse to select recording area.

Step 4: when you finish recording video from laptop, click “Stop” button.

Tips: you can define hotkey by clicking “Options” → “Recording”. By default, start record=F6, stop recording=F7.

Step 5: click “Convert” button to convert the video according to your requirement.

After these, you can just click “Folder” to view the instructional video you made. When you want to upload the video to make videos for YouTube, you can just use the video editor to help you compress and convert.

With Screen Recording Suite, you can record any activities on your laptop to make your own video.

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