Record Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft is the game features to enable gamers to exploit their creativity in a highly flexible 3D world. In the game world, you were given the ability to modify the constructions by placing these cubical blocks assembled together to shape whatever you can imagine.

The game play is not simple as it seems and the little challenges in the game make it even more engrossing. So many people want to record Minecraft game video to show the achievements they made.

When it comes to recording Minecraft video, it can be complicated sometimes, because the program you used will affect the quality of the recorded video. Therefore, you should choose the right toolkit to record Minecraft gameplay.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the screen recorder to capture Minecraft videos.

Screen Recording Suite is the perfect program to help you record Minecraft game video. It can record video games with high quality even if you were playing; every movement you made during the game can be capture inerrably.

Unlike CamStudio, which will not record video with decent enough quality, sometimes you may get choppy and fuzzy video. Plus, it just can save the video in AVI format, the program can record with good quality, and it also can convert the video to many video formats according to your needs.

Not like fraps getting video in large size, the Screen Recording Suite can save the video with high quality while in small size, for it has built in video editor, which can convert the video to .SFT format file to compress the video size.

As stated above, Screen Recording Suite can record video with high quality, convert video format and compress video size. It can solve the all the problems of recording Minecraft video, so it’s wise to choose the program to record PC gameplay.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Simple steps of how to record Minecraft

Step 1: download and install the program, and run it.

Step 2: go to Minecraft and open your game.

Step 3: when you are ready, click “Start”; when you want to finish recording, click “Stop”.

Tips of recording Minecraft video

  • For Minecraft

1. Try not to have too many modes installed, otherwise Minecraft will lag.
2. If you want to get the smooth scene, set the Graphics to “Fast” in Options.
3. Set Minecraft’s priority to “high” (Open up Windows Task Manager and right click Minecraft → click “Go to Process” → right click the process and then “Set Priority” to high).

  • For computer

1. Make sure anything unrelated to recording Minecraft video should be closed in order to release CPU resource.
2. Lower the screen resolution accordingly to make the frame clear.

  • For users

1. Make sure the video duration is not longer than 10 minutes.
2. Ensure that the video size is not larger than 100 MB.
3. Record Minecraft game video with the proportion of 4 to 3.

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