Record PC Gameplay

Playing computer games is a common phenomenon nowadays. If you are an avid video game player, you might have been through a massive battle in some games. Then you may have the idea to record gameplay from PC, so that you can replay it to show off to the others gamers.

Do you find the way of how to record pc gameplay? At here, I will provide you some solutions to the problem.

NO.1 Recording gameplay on pc with WEgame.

WEgame is a cool while free program that enables you to record gameplay on PC, whatever actions you made in game can be captured with high quality, and it also allows you to make a montage and help save the file to AVI video format.

You just need to go to to download it and install it on your computer, create an account and sign in, and then you can record PC gameplay.

But the WEgame may have problem of recording pc gameplay. The audio quality sometimes is poor, and you need to fix the audio with a video editor program. Besides, it can’t be workable on all PC games, such as Turok, Audiosurf.

If WEgame doesn’t work on the game you played, you can use another program to help.

NO.2 Recording PC gameplay with Screen Recording Suite.

Screen Recording Suite can record anything on computer screen when you were playing. It can apply to any websites, whatever happened on your screen can be recorded.

Compare with WEgame, it has the built in video editor which can help you crop and trim the video, and also help convert the video to many formats, such as WMV, AVI, MP4, 3GP etc.

Both programs can help you record gameplay from PC, you can choose one according to your requirement. Here I will take Screen Recording Suite as an example to guide you record gameplay.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Steps of how to record PC gameplay with Screen Recording Suite

1. Download the program and install it on your computer.

2. Launch the program and make some settings in “Options”, and go to your game.

3. Click “Start” or default hotkey “F6” to start recording  gameplay on PC.

4. Click “Stop” or default hotkey “F7” to stop recording.

Tips: You can set the hotkey by clicking “Options”→ “Recording” tab.

If you want to view the video, you need quit the game and return to the desktop. When you finish recording and want to retreat the video just made, you have few options.

You can navigate the folder you specified early as storage location. Or you can access to the video through your interface, just click Folder button, and the video will pop up with default media player.

With Screen Recording Suite, you can record gameplay from PC with ease. For example, you can record starcraft games or record World of Warcraft and edit it into a perfect masterpiece. Then you can upload the video to YouTube or some other online video hosting services, share on the web or embed in your websites.

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