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Questions about how to record screen and audio

1. I’m watching streaming lectures on my PC and I would like to record them- both the audio and video together, without the noise at my house. Is there a way to record screen and audio on my computer? Thank you!

2. I found a video on a website but the website doesn’t allow downloading, so what I want to do is to record screen with audio simultaneously. Please help me, thanks in advance.

Answer to the question

There are still many questions about recording screen with audio. The key point of these questions is using what to record. With the right program can record screen and audio with high quality. At here, I would like to present you the Screen Recording Suite.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Key features of Screen Recording Suite

It’s the screen recorder with audio that can help people record screen with audio at the same time. It can let you record screen activity for later playback. Any application that runs on your Windows PC can be recorded, both video and audio.

You can create presentations from the screen recordings by adding your own audio narration and annotations. You can demonstrate how to use a web site or explain a product concept.

Besides, it provides the ability to output your screen recordings to AVI or WMV video format. In short, it’s a good choice for people to use this program to record screen and audio.

A simple guide of how to record screen and audio by Screen Recording Suite

1. Download and install the program.

2. Click “Option” to select the file to store the recorded video.

3. Drag your mouse or choose “Quick Start” to select recording area.

4. Click “Start” to begin to record the screen with audio on your computer, and click “Stop” to end recording screen with audio.

5. Click “Folder” to review your recordings.


If you have any doubt about how to record screen and audio by the program, you can refer to copy streaming videos.

Other function of Screen Recording Suite

Except for recording screen with audio on computer, the Screen Recording Suite also support to capture web camera video, so you can record the screen and audio from the speaker, and you can also record external sound made by people through microphone to make commentaries, which will make your recorded video easily understood by others. And it also support to record video from some media player, so you can record video from VLC.

You see, you can easily make tutorials and presentations by recording screen with audio on your computer with Screen Recording Suite. It is easy to use and provides high quality playback with many distribution options.

If you have any question of how to record screen and audio, just use Screen Recording Suite.

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