Record Screencasts

The video format file has been the first choice for people to make demos or presentations. Videos can make the tedious and long-winded words into lively vivid and vigorous flash video.

Therefore, many people are more willingly to record a screencast to make their presentation interesting.

Most likely, you won’t have recording program unless you often make demo videos or training videos. The video quality concerns much in recording screencast, so you should choose the right program to help you record screencasts.

Then what should we need to record a screencast?

  • Screencast recorder

If you often record screencasts for serious or important project, I suggest you use something professional. The Screen Recording Suite can help you record whatever activities you make on computer screen with high quality, and also help save the recording to standard video format file.

  • A computer

Besides the recording program affects the video quality, the machine you used is also responsible for it. Therefore, you need a computer with good configuration, such as enough power and RAM.

  • A microphone

When recording screencast, you may need to make some commentaries. A good microphone ensures the higher audio quality. And the screencast recorder– Screen Recording Suite supports to record external voice via microphone.


Except for the above mentioned devices, you still need a quiet environment to record a screencast with high quality.
When everything is ready, then you can use the Screen Recording Suite to help record screencasts.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

How to record a screencast in a few simple clicks?

Step 1: download the Screen Recording Suite and follow the installation wizard to guide you install the program on computer.

Step 2: launch the program and make some settings, choose the devices you wish to record audio.


If you just record audio from microphone, you should choose the microphone as audio input. Refer to make tutorial video for info.

Step 3: press “Start” and drag the mouse to select recording area to record screencasts. Or you can also record in quick way by click “Full Format” to record the entire screen, “Select Window” to record a window box opened on screen.

Step 4: when you want to finish your recording, press default hotkey “F7” to stop it.

After all these steps, you can just click “Folder” to view the recording file. If you have any dissatisfaction about the video, the built-in video editor enables you crop and trim the video to make it better. The Screen Recording Suite help save the video to standard video format file, so you can replay at will.

This powerful screencast recorder is your ideal solution to make stunning demos, tutorial, record movie from screen. The Screen Recording Suite help save the video to standard video format file, so you can replay at will. And you can just directly upload your screencast to websites without another conversion.

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