Record Silverlight Video

Existing questions of recording silverlight video

1. Can anyone recommend free software that will let me record silverlight videos or even a record the screen? I tried a couple of free program but they didn’t work. Thanks.

2. I am trying to record streaming video, which from a website it uses Microsoft silverlight, so how can I record silverlight video? I’ve tried many solutions, but none of them worked. Anyone can help?

There are still many people ask the questions about how to record silverlight video, they real hope some people can inform them the way to solve this problem, or even suggest some real useful program which can help them record silverlight video.

Although there are many recording program on market, little seem to work out. Camstudio worked fine, but it wouldn’t record sound of speakers and it wouldn’t convert videos to the proper type of file. Fraps seemed to work perfectly, but it only recorded little time at a time.

So, I would like to show you the silverlight video recorder— Screen Recording Suite.

Screen Recording Suite, unlike other screen video recorder programs which render choppy videos, it uses high technology which can help people record whatever you see and hear on computer screen. It’s an easy tool for creating software demonstrations, website helps, user training movies, and any video tutorials by capture screen activity from the windows desktop in to standard AVI movies, EXE files that can play in your PC. Therefore, it will be easier for you to record silverlight video by using the Screen Recording Suite.

: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

How to record silverlight video by Screen Recording Suite?

Section 1: downloading program.

You should download the program from corresponding website (you can Google it), and install it on your computer.

Section 2: general setting.

Before recording silverlight video, you should make some settings:

1) Selecting destination folder. You should select the file to store the silverlight video you recorded, click “Option” to finish this.

2) Selecting recording mode. You can just drag your mouse to choose the region you want to record, or you can also opt to “quick start” to record silverlight video.

Section 3: recording silverlight video.

Play a silverlight video you want to record, and click “Start” button, and the program will record the silverlight video played on screen according to your settings. If the video is over, you just click “Stop” button, and the recording is finished.

And you can click “Folder” to see what you have recorded. The Screen Recording Suite can help you record silverlight video with high quality; you can assure that what you got is exactly the same as what you played on your computer screen. If you have any doube, you can refer to take video from desktop and record video games.

If you are still wonder how to record silverlight video, then not hesitate to use Screen Recording Suite. Using it, you will find that recording silverlight video is as easy as pie.

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