Record StarCraft Games

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft series has become increasingly popular among people. It has gorgeous graphics and special balance system. Besides single player or one to one battles, this game also features Free-for-all battles with 8 players, which makes the game more exciting.

Because of this, many people are crazy about the game. Accordingly, there are throngs of people want to record StarCraft games when they were playing.

Recording StarCraft video can help gamers to record their game play, so that they can share it with their friends, or they can also upload to some video sharing websites to provide reference for those who stuck in games.

Even though some people plan to record StarCraft, they don’t know how to record video when they were playing. They have no alternative but to give up.

Now, with the Screen Recording Suite, a super screen recorder, you can record no matter what is playing on computer screen for later playback. It also has the ability to store your screen recordings to standard WMV video format file. It’s the right program to record StarCraft games.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Tutorial steps of how to record video of StarCraft with the Screen Recording Suite

Step 1: download and install the Screen Recording Suite on computer and launch it.

Step 2: make some setting about recording. Click “Options” to make the settings accordingly.

Step 3: when ready to record StarCraft 2 replays, just click “Start” button, and choose the recording region to record.

Step 4: once finished recording StarCraft video, you can click “Folder” to view the game playing.


If there is no sound when you are recording, you should click “Options”→ “Video file” → “System Sound” to choose “Speaker”.

After all these steps, you have achieved the process to record StarCraft II Game. If you have any doubts about the tutorial steps, you can refer to record video of desktop and create training video for info. Since the final video is standard video format file, you can upload to websites without another conversion.

Tips for Recording StarCraft video

As we all know, recording computer games may lag the computer speed, if you want to record StarCraft 2 with decent quality, there are several tips we should pay attention to.

1. Do not record when playing, you’d better record video replays, or the video picture will no clear.

2. Try to record at a lower frame rate and stop all unrelated program or other running window.

3. Accordingly lower the screen resolution in order to record video of StarCraft smoothly.

4. Most video sharing website will readjust the videos with the proportion of 4 to 3. When recording, we’d better record StarCraft with the same ratio.

From now on, you can use the Screen Recording Suite to help you record StarCraft games and anything else on computer screen with ease. With the brilliant screen recorder, you can be the video producer of your life. Just join us to make your life shining.

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