Record Video from VLC

VLC is short for VideoLan Client, which is a program originally developed by VideoLan project, initially released on Feb. 1, 2001. VLC is a free portable multimedia player offered open source to the public.

Because it has build-in player, encoder, and streamer, it has the capability to play many kinds of audio and video files, besides, it also support DVDs and VCDs.

As we all know, VLC media player can play some damaged, incomplete or unfinished videos. Therefore, some people put forward that they can use VLC media player to play the video files, and then use some program to record video on VLC, so they can save the videos they want as their private possession.

Facts proved that it’s feasible to record video from VLC, so people can get what they want in this way.

While use what to record VLC video?

Obviously, there are throngs of recording program on internet. Which is the right program to record video on VLC? The answer is Screen Recording Suite. Next I will illustrate the details one by one.

On the one hand, the Screen Recording Suite can grab any streaming video and audio flowed on your computer, and it will keep on recording video until you stop it. Thus, it’s no doubt that the Screen Recording Suite can record video from VLC inerrably.

On the other hand, the Screen Recording Suite has build in video editor, so it will help you save the recorded video as standard AVI or WMV format files, which are small in size while with great quality. So, people can export the video to their portable device, what is just people desired to record VLC video.

Last, the Screen Recording Suite supplied multiple recording modes for people to record video on VLC, such as in full screen, custom area, around mouse etc. Therefore, recording video from VLC is without difficulty.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Simple steps of how to record VLC videos

The Screen Recording Suite has very good user experience, it designed to be easy to use, just in several step can enable people finish recording video from VLC. Hence, I will explain the step in rough. If you have any misgivings, record yoga online videos and capture Netflix live video will give you some indirections.

You should first download and install the program→click “Option” to select destination folder→launch VLC, play the video you want→click “Start”→video over, click “Stop”.

With the Screen Recording Suite, just by several simple steps, you can record video from VLC.

How to get VLC media player

Since the VLC media player is so powerful, and with so many advantages, are you also want it? You should clear about that if you want to record video on VLC, you should first get the VLC media player. Then you can go to its website to download it.

VLC media player official website:

So, if you have VLC media player, then use the program to help you get the VLC video, and you can enjoy the video offline.

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