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Nowadays, videos can not only bring feast on eyes just for fun, it also can be used on official work. Many companies will make their own video of website guides to demonstrate online service or business.

At this point, how to record video on desktop is pretty important to those who need make video on desktop.

While not all the people know the knowledge of recording desktop video, I often saw people ask helps on forum about it. At here, I take one of them for example and provide solution to the question.

I want to make an instructional video of how to use the product my company developed, so I need to record video of desktop. Thus the guide video will be available for people to learn how to use the product. But I don’t how to do it, can anyone help?

Then Screen Recording Suite  may help you a lot. It can help you grab every movement you made on your desktop with high quality, and help you save the recordings as standard video format. Thus, you can use it to record videos on desktop to make introductory video, and upload to your company website.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Steps of recording desktop video with the Screen Recording Suite

Part 1: download the Screen Recording Suite from its official website, and install it.

Part 2: launch the program, click “Options” to choose “Video file” tab to select the target folder.

Part 3: record video of desktop. Just click “Start” button, the program will begin to work. During recording, you can make the detailed steps of how to use the product.

If this process involve of recording your voice to make commentaries, you should click “Options”→ “Enable Audio” to choose “Microphone”. This program supports to record external voice by microphone.

Part 4: when you finish recording desktop video, click “Stop” button. If you want to view the recordings right now, just press the “Folder” tab.


You can also click “F6” to start recording, and “F7” to stop recording on condition that you didn’t make change of hotkey.

Other ways to record video of desktop

There are many existing screen recorder also can help you record videos on desktop. At here, I will show you some screen recorder.

1. Camstudio
Camstudio is a free streaming video software, which can help people record all screen and audio activity on your computer and help you save the recordings as industry-standard AVI video files. But, many people complain that the video quality, the video comes out fine but the audio is missing.

2. BB FlashBack
BB FlashBack can help you record video from your computer screen and help you save it to AVI movie file. It also can record the sound from system microphone. But its final file is huge in size, and it will cost $249.99.

All in all, Screen Recording Suite is the right program to help you record videos on desktop, and help you save the final file to standard video format file that is small in size with great quality

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