Record World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW), a massively multiplayer innovative online role-playing game released by Blizzard Entertainment, is considered the one of the top strategy games played in the world of online gaming nowadays. And Millions of people like to play the WoW.

Recording World of Warcraft can not only remind you the enjoyment of playing, but also can help other gamers stuck in game to go through the level. So, many people willing to record wow game play to share their gaming experience to others.

Screen Recording Suite is the perfect World of Warcraft recorder to record World of Warcraft for following reason:

1. Get satisfied video quality

The program can help you whatever played and whatever you did on computer screen with decent quality. It can record WoW video when you are playing, and still won’t lag your computer.

2. Support microphone device

Except for recording audio from speaker, the Screen Recording Suite even support to record external voice with microphone. When recording WoW, it’s necessary to make commentaries about the game play, so that people can better understand.

3. Save to standard file

When finish recording, the World of Warcraft video recorder can save the file directly to standard file. Without other conversion, you can upload the video to websites with ease.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Directions of recording World of Warcraft with Screen Recording Suite

Step 1: Download World of Warcraft video recorder from its official website, install and launch it.

Step 2: set the target folder by clicking “Options”→ “Video file” tab. And if you want to make commentaries, click “Enable Audio” → “Device Sound” to choose “Microphone” as the audio input. You can make other settings in this interface accordingly.

Step 3: click “Start” or hotkey “F6”, and drag the mouse to choose the recording area.

Tips: you can press “Full Screen” to record WoW video in full screen format.

Step 4: click “Stop” or “F7” to finish recording.

Tips: if you want to view the recordings, just click “Folder” button with ease.

There are some tips for recording World of Warcraft, you can refer to record StarCraft games.

Record music from World of Warcraft

If you WoW gamer, you must be familiar with the theme song of the game. The soundtrack for WoW was composed together by a number of well-known lyricists and composer, and it enjoyed great popularity.

Do you want to get the soundtrack? The Screen Recording Suite can also help you save the audio from World of Warcraft. It has the function to record the audio from speaker, and help you save it as standard audio format file. Therefore, you can get the soundtrack from WoW and set it as ringtone. How cool!

With the all-in-one screen recorder, no matter video or audio file, you can record what you want from computer screen.

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