Save Video on Screen

Sometimes, you may come across some fabulous online video you really want that are available on internet while are not obtainable for downloading, because some downloader can not apply to any websites.

Once the video finished playing, you will never have the chance to get it, since it is a streaming video, which is not be uploaded to websites yet. Therefore, when you encounter what you like, you should get it right now.

The Screen Recording Suite provides the function to save video on screen. You can use it to help get what you want from computer screen.

Screen Recording Suite is a multiple function recording program, which enables you to record any website videos or streaming videos from computer screen. You do not need to download the video first, for this Screen Recording Suite will record and save video from screen automatically.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Guidelines of how to save video from screen with the recording program

1. Download and install it on computer, then launch it.

2. Customize some settings in “Options” interface.

Note: you should choose the output folder in case you cannot find where the recorded video files are.

3. When you saw the video you want, click “Start” and drag your mouse, press “OK” to save video on screen.

4. When the video is over, click “Stop” to end saving screen video.

Tip: you can click default hotkey “F7” to stop recording, “F6” to start recording.

If you don’t remember the exact output folder you chosen, just click “Folder” to view the video in quick way. And you can notice that the Screen Recording Suite has saved the video to WMV video format file which can be compatible with your media player.

With the screen recorder, you can save  screen video without any difficulties at all.

Take full advantage of Screen Recording Suite

Screen Recording Suite is a powerful all-in-one recording program, except for saving screen video, it still has many other useful functions. When you got the program, you should make the best of it.

1. Screen Recording Suite captures what you see on screen and what you hear or say simultaneously. It’s the best program to create training video to demonstrate how to use computer software.

2. The program also supports to record screenshot, so you can capture pictures from video and save it as standard image format, such as GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF etc. You can set the picture as your unique wallpaper.

3. It provides the function to support external capture device such as webcam, so you can capture web camera video to record conference video for business, which can bring much convenience because of distance.

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