Skype Video Recorder

Skype is becoming more and more popular as a communication tool in modern times. People can use it to send instant message and files, and also can chat on it through video calls.

Just because of its distinct features can make video calls, many people are strongly desired to know how to record Skype video.

For example, the person asked on yahoo. Answers:
I’m doing some interviews on Skype for research due to the distance of some participants. I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to record Skype video calls.

There are still many other people are also wondering to know the answer.

Some people use Pamela recorder, but sometimes, it will also record other running applications. This will mess up the video, which will bring inconvenience to people.

But if you have a good Skype video recorder, recording Skype call is not difficult any more. The program will help you record everything on your screen. You can choose the size of region, and it can help you record Skype video calls with high effectiveness and low effort.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

So, I would like to introduce the process to use the Skype video recorder –Screen Recording Suite to record video calls.

Part 1: grab the program from its official website, and install it on your computer. The program is intelligent designed, you just follow the step, and you can own it.

Part 2: open the Screen Recording Suite, and click the “Record” tab and press the “Start”, then it will start to record Skype video calls.

Part 3: after you click start, it will pop up a message box to ask you to choose the destination of the recorded files, so you should choose the destination of final files.

Part 4
: move your mouse to choose the region you want to record. On the interface, you can also apply quick start. You can choose “Full Screen”, “Custom Area”, “Around Mouse”, “Select Window”, and “Screenshot” to record in order to save time to record Skype video calls.

: when you want to finish your recording, you can stop recording Skype call by press “File”, and choose “Exit”, and then the recording is ending.

Part 5

After all these steps, you can press “Folder” to review your recorded files.

From this you can see that the Screen Recording Suite is so convenient that can help people record every activity as a video, so you can capture video from desktop.

If you are still confused about how to record Skype video, just join us. Then you will find that using Screen Recording Suite to record Skype video calls is a piece of cake.

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