Methods to Take Screenshot on PC

Either for business, entertainment, or teaching, a picture is worth a thousand words. Screenshots are useful for displaying the immediate contents on your screen. Most of you would be willing to take screenshot on PC to illustrate a point rather than use tedious and long words.

While some people may not have enough knowledge about how to take screenshots on PC, at here, I will provide some guidelines to instruct you to take screenshots.

Method 1: taking screenshots on PC with keyboard

If you want to just take a screenshot of what you see on screen without any edit or processing, you can just use your keyboard to help you take a PC screenshot.

Capture all the screen: press the PrtScn(Print Screen) on the keyboard, and open your paint to copy it.

Capture a window: press “Alt+ PrtScn”, and paste it.


In this method, the screenshots you got is stored in Windows clipboard, which can only hold one image at a time. Therefore, you should take screenshot on PC one by one.

Based on this condition, there is software available to help you capture many pictures at a time.

Note: Download and install screen video recorder – Screen Recording Suite

Method 2: use screen recorder to take screenshot on PC

There are some screen recorder program has incidental function to help record screenshot, Screen Recording Suite ensures that you can copy the entire contents on screen as an image, which can be subsequently copied. You can use it to capture whatever you saw on computer screen and save it to the folder you selected. When you launch it, you can take picture from any area of the screen.


1. Full screen-take a screenshot of the whole computer screen and save it as standard image format file.

2. Custom area-enable you to use the cursor to select a specific area of the screen. Drag your mouse to create a rectangle to take pictures.

3. Window-record the window you want and save the window as a picture.

What’s more, the Screen Recording Suite is also customizable with many image formats, such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP etc.
If you want to take a PC screenshot and make some edits, you need something a little more professional, then comes Snagit.

Method 3: use Snagit to take a PC screenshot

Snagit, developed by TechSmith, is a professional screenshot recorder, which provides the function to do a variety of screenshots as well as basic image editing and processing, such as add text, strengthen parts, and combine pictures to make a new picture.

These are general methods often used by users to take screenshot on PC. From now on, you can capture pictures from video with ease.

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